MiLi Pure Bottle 30ml

Warranty: 1 years
Battery Life: 2 years

Lots of lovely ladies and gentlemen have been carrying around the pretty, portable MiLi Pure along side their favourite moisturizers. That's when the MiLi team came to a realization. How much more can we really fit in our purses and travel bags? 

If only there was some way to somehow...magically merge our moisturizers and our MiLi.

Well we did!

We took the sensor technology of the MiLi Pure 2, added it to the lid of a 30ml-ready-to-jump-on-plane travel bottle and viola, its a 2 for 1! You’re so very welcome.

Size: 67 x 29 x 20mm


Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission
Compatible with iOS7 or above, Android 4.3 or above and any other Bluetooth 4.0 device.

Curious How it Works? Watch the quick start guide here: 

 Want to know more about the MiLi Pure Bottle product? Watch this video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review