Press Release: MiLi Unveils New Product Line at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

Hali Power Co. Brings Beauty and Technology Together to Provide Beauty Consumers with a Data-Driven Way to Better Care for their Skin.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, March 2nd, 2017 – Today, MiLi Pure by Hali Power Co. launches a line of skin hydration detectors designed to lead the connected health revolution. By pressing a delicate metal sensor directly on the skin, Pure devices can determine a person’s skin moisture levels on the face and hand area within 5 seconds. Results that range from normal to oily or dry skin are instantly displayed and graphed on a smartphone through a Bluetooth enabled app. The media and the public can view the MiLi Pure line for the first time at Cosmoprof, Bologna, Booth D28, Hall 14.

The MiLi Pure line by Hali Power Co. improves skin quality by tracking skin moisture levels over time to determine the effectiveness of the user’s skin care products. The MiLi Pure Sensor uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure skin moisture. According to Shape Magazine BIA analyzes body fat using electrodes that measure the how fast a current goes through the body. “Since water is such an effective conductor of electricity, the more hydrated the skin, the less resistance the current will have. Therefore the faster the current comes back to the device, and results read on your smart phone.” Says Summer Wong, Director of Product Development at Hali Power Co. 

Watch How it Works here.

The Pure line features three products including the MiLi Pure, the MiLi Pure Bottle and the MiLi Pure Spray

The smart design of the MiLi Pure features a blue Swarovski Crystal button against a sleek, small ovular shaped device. 

The MiLi Pure Bottle offers two functions in one unit by adding the MiLi Pure Hydration Sensor to the lid of an attractive 20ml or 30ml refillable travel bottle designed to hold skin creams.  

The MiLi Pure Spray incorporates the MiLi Pure Hydration Sensor to the base of a refillable facial misting device that uses ionic technology to penetrate the basal cell layer of the skin to shrink pores and moisturize skin. 

The MiLi Pure and the MiLi Pure Bottle feature a two-year battery life while the Pure Spray is chargeable. All devices include a one-year warranty. The gentle touch of a MiLi Pure device on skin activates the data collection process of users skin over days, weeks and months.  

“Technology is continuing to change how consumers go about their beauty routines, and smart devices have a huge potential to impact how we care for our skin,” said Harry Zu President of Hali Power Co. 

By using connected technologies to monitor and compare the effectiveness of skin care products — something the average consumer uses every day — The MiLi Pure line is reinventing what a person’s relationship with their skin can look like. 

While Pure Devices are an attractive sales tool for cosmetic companies, Hali Power Co. ultimately aims to lead the pack on how connected devices can be both attractive and revolutionary for the entire beauty industry.”

Retailing for $59.90 (MiLi Pure), $39.90 (MiLi Pure Bottle) and $79.00 (MiLi Pure Spray) the MiLi Pure line is available in mid-2017 at select brand partners and on the brand’s website


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