Telefonix: 2017 CES Trend Report Finalist

Don't know if you have dry skin? Now you'll never be in the dark, or puzzled by how much moisturizer to use.

People have been in search of healing and health long before wearables (or batteries) were a gleam in our eye.. The prevalence of tech related to feeling better, looking better and living longer at CES is a reflection of this innate need to improve ourselves, and trackers, enhancers and motivators of every kind were visible throughout the show.

Solutions which used to require a doctor’s prescription are now within reach of anyone who can use a smartphone, and are delivering experiences superior to those once found only through physician intervention, like hearing aids.

With the good, however, comes the bad. Some products try to answer health issues we frankly can’t imagine anyone having. Do people really need a brush that notifies you if your hair is too dry, or that your skin needs more moisturizer?

Because solutions for health and wellness at CES were so wide-ranging, we’ve divided this summary into 5 sections: tracking & analysis, life enhancing, sleep, hygiene & self-care, and movement.

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