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MiLi Pure

"I've discovered a pretty cool gadget lately and it's MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector. When skin is getting dry, it sometimes goes unnoticed and this is where skin problems develop. Before dryness gets out of hand, you could use a little help from this little fella!”

- Cathy, Milwaukee, June 2016


Interesting new gadget for skin care! (MiLi Pure)

"I wasn't too sure what to expect from this product because I haven't seen anything like it before so I got it out of curiosity. I found that I really do like it. I try to keep my face moisturized and found by using this I can make sure my skin doesn't get too dry. Living in Alaska is tough on my skin so this is a great tool for me! I'm anxious to see how well I'm taking care of my skin this winter."

- Sky, Alaska, September 2016


(MiLi Pure) Great product! Really does what it says! Very easy to set up and use!

"What a great device, it allows you to check the moisture in your skin using the MiLi device paired with Bluetooth and an app through your phone. The app was easy to set up and understand. The moisture numbers allows for you to see if you are lacking moisture in your skin or if you are moisturizing properly. Being able to check different areas allows for you to correct any areas that need more attention than others.
I tried this product out wanting to know if it's a true overall value for my skin health, however like anyone I also had a shadow of skepticism. As soon as I tested it, it lead me to assume it does do what it advertises. Although it doesn't adequately present the resources needed to take healthy measures in correcting any skin issues, it just shows an status of the desired area being read. I think this will make a great addition to my skin care regimen moving forward. Also I wanted to add that the device was delivered quickly and packaged very nicely! The device itself is aesthetically pleasing and easy to hold!"

- Nicole, Ontario, August 2016


 I can see daily if my skin is improving (MiLi Pure)

"This little guy is one awesome little device. You turn on your Bluetooth and gently press it to different parts of your body and it will actually tell you the moisture content of your skin. There is an app that you download on Android or iPhone and it keeps track of your progress daily. I know with the money I saved on lotions that I found don't work for me pays for this thing in less than a week. You can test your levels and then use your lotion and track your progress see if your lotions helping and if it's worth all the hype. I know since been using this I can tell a difference in my face especially because it actually shows me daily if my skin is improving or if I need to step up my game. Just making my skin healthier!!! I would definitely recommend incorporating this into you Beauty regimen. I guarantee you won't regret it!! I was sold this product at a discount for review purposes. This is my truly honest and unbiased ceiling fans opinion from my experience with this device."

- Josiee, New York, August 2016


(MiLi Pure) This is a great product to see how moisturized your skin is

"This is a great product to see how moisturized your skin is. Plus it tracks your skin over time, as long as you use it everyday. This little gadget has Bluetooth capabilities and it pairs with my phone within a few seconds. I was able to find the Mili pure app by searching the play store, I use this with my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge phone but there is also an app for ios. Once you get the app and pair the moisture analyzer you are ready to take readings. It takes measurements from for face, eye, neck and hand. Just gently touch each area depending on which skin area is highlighted on the bottom. Instantly you get a percentage and the app tells you where your percentage falls on a scale and where normal is. This moisturize analyzer is such a great tool, especially in winter when my skin gets so dry. It also tracks your amount of moisture in your skin over time so you can see month to month results. It let's you know how your moisturizer is performing. I just need to remember to use this daily. I love this cute moisturize analyzer. It is relatively small and the app and some of the information is not in English, but all of the necessary information is in English. Also there is a cute Swarovski Crystal on the front of the analyzer, gives it a pretty and unique look.

Overall I am very happy with this product and would purchase again. I can't wait to see my results as time goes on and I continue to track my skin's moisture.

I hope you have found this review helpful to you. I had the opportunity to purchase this product at a discount or for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and I receive no incentives or rewards. This item was used and tested before I reviewed it. My comments are sincere and are my own opinion."

- Laura T., Florida,September 2016


Very neat concept, product! (MiLi Pure)

"What a very cool idea of a product! When I had first seen this product I was a little perplexed, and then just a little bit more curious. I am always struggling to keep my skin moisturized, and never really sure if it is where it needs to be. So, this was a great product for me to try! Now I am able to monitor if the products that I am using on my skin are in fact doing what they say they are supposed to be doing. This was very easy to set up with my smart phone. Instructions were included and very easy to follow and understand. Now I can keep track of the moisture in my skin on my face, around my eyes, on my neck, and even on the back of my hands. I will be able to track overtime how my skin changes. What a very neat concept. I am very glad I purchased this.
I have been given the opportunity to receive this product at a discount or for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product. I have not been coached or asked to provide positive feedback, nor am I affiliated with this company or any of their products, in any way.
All of the feedback that I provide is based on my personal experience and usage with/of this product. I hope this has been helpful to you if you are thinking of purchasing this item for yourself. Thanks!"

- CAP, Ontario, August 2016