MiLi Smart Health Thrilled To Announce Partnership with H2O+ Beauty

H2O+ Beauty works with the MiLi Pure to analyze skin hydration levels using smart technology.

"MiLi's mission has always been to work with like-minded cosmetic brands and consumers that believe technology can elevate the traditional health and beauty routine of women and men around the world - Currently that's being realized with H2O+ Beauty." - MiLi Founder & CEO, Harry Zhu

As innovators in mobile technology for over a decade, MiLi pilot tested the first MiLi Pure device in late 2015 with results that were both exciting and daunting. The MiLi team sought to create a beauty-tech product that could revolutionize the cosmetic industry. The result was the MiLi Pure. Aside from being attractive, MiLi Pure is backed by science and harnesses connected App technology - the only skin hydration meter to do so. With positive responses from consumers, businesses and influencers, in 2016 and 2017, MiLi launched an entire MiLi Pure line of advanced skin hydration devices including custom patented options for select, private beauty brands. "Designing a MiLi Pure device exclusively for H2O+ Beauty was a logical first choice" says MiLi Research & Development Director, John Lee. MiLi and H20 Plus Beauty's partnership merged two innovators from different industries. In 1989, H2O+ Beauty created skincare formulas using water technology plus advanced active ingredients. MiLi Smart Health's mission is to educate users about healthy skin by using technology to correlate skin conditions with the products people use.

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