How MiLi BIA works on skin with Dr. Wendy Evans

Dr. Wendy Evans-Uhegbu (Phd RCSI) dishes on MiLi Pure Technology

"BIA is a staple in the medical and healthcare industry where it is routinely used in health and nutrition clinical assessments to measure a patient’s body fat composition relative to lean body mass, as well as body mass and fluid assessments. It is a pretty safe and effective method that has been around for a long time, hence its adoption by technology and beauty innovators."

When I first found the MiLi Pure line of skin hydration detectors, I thought it was a fabulous, innovative beauty tool which had been thoughtfully crafted.  Not just to lend a helping hand to cosmetic brands by demonstrating the effectiveness of their products to consumers, but it was also a really useful addition to the everyday beauty enthusiast’s collection.  As a doctor, I wanted to find out more on how MiLi Pure products worked and if I would recommend it.

Speaking with MiLi’s R&D team, I learned it uses the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) method to measure the skin’s moisture levels over a period of time, with immediate results viewable on a smartphone.

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