Cosmoprof: MiLi is A Brand To Watch

The MiLi Pure works off Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. But wait a second, what the heck is Bioelectric Impedance Analysis? According to Michelle Obama’s Shape Up website (= trusty!), it’s a way of analyzing body fat using electrodes that measure the how fast a current goes through the body—if it goes fast, lucky you! You have less fat to get in the way. The MiLi pure gently places little electrodes on the surface of your skin to measure this. “since water is an excellent conductor of electricity, the more hydrated the skin, the less resistance the current will have. So the faster the current comes back to the device, the more hydrated the skin is.” Boom. Science. The MiLi Skinmate uses A Gallium Nitride photodiode sensor. Ok, again with the words! This kind of sensor is what the Mili Skinmate uses to read UV indexes and watch your exposure to those sunny rays. This sensor is similar to those used in cellphones, wearable devices, IoT, watches, weather stations, and gaming accessories. While they all have features to minimize power consumption, this kind of sensor is especially sensitive to heat and how it relates to it's outside environment. Pretty simple right? whether your an industry professional, or just a curious customer, we are happy to answer any of your questions. Just visit our customer support page and we'll be in contact in under 24 hours.


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